A unique tool that combines SAP and Blockchain Tech. Accurate, Secure & Reliable.

AlphaCons has pioneered and developed an innovative integration API that combines the SAP and Blockchain technologies. It is a unique, intelligent infrastructure of exceptional efficiency, reliability and security for corporate applications, which calculates, analyzes and verifies environmental data.

Bringing together these diverse technologies, it provides a tool for companies to obtain meaningful insights and to drive forward their wishes regarding sustainability, ushering them into a new technological era.

The AlphaCons Engineering team has effectively extended the capabilities of SAP applications by creating an underlying layer of transaction integration and verification, based on both stateful and stateless smart contracts. It designed and published the first API Connector that can be embedded into cloud and on-premise SAP applications, and give a fully functional layer of Blockchain integration, and the mechanism for integrating core processes, such as procurement verification and environmental compliance and emission monitoring.

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We utilize the vast potential of the Blockchain technology for a wealth of applications and create customized products.